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Australian Football was first played in the early 90's in Munich with two teams, the blues and the whites. The Frankfurt Redbacks (founded in 1995) and Munich Kangaroos formed the AFLG in 1999. Since then there has been steady growth with the introduction of the Berlin Crocodiles in 2001, the Hamburg Football Club in 2003, the Düsseldorf Lions in 2004 and the Strasbourg Black Devils in 2006. The five teams each play four home and four away teams during the AFLG season and also participate in other European Australian Football tournaments. There are currently a number of newly formed teams bidding to become part of the AFLG such as Bielefeld.  

The league includes the following teams

Berlin Crocodiles

Frankfurt Redbacks

Munich Kangaroos

Rhinlande Lions

Stuttgart Emus

Hamburg Dockers

Dresden Wolves

Freiberg Taipans

Touch Deutschland





Touch football is Australian sport that was founded as a warm-up and training variation to the harder "full contact" rugby. It is a experienced a tremendous growth as it is accessible for men and woman and as a team sport allows participation with minimal risk of injury. The game has also adapted and is tactically now a much different game to classic rugby.

Touch began in Germany in 2003 and has also had a rapid growth with teams across the country participating in a local comp and in Europeans competitions.


In Germany there the the following touch clubs:

Touch Berlin

Touch Frankfurt

Touch Giessen

Touch Hamburg

Touch Heidelberg

Touch Köln

Touch München

Deutscher Bumerang Club e.V.




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